You've Got Time

Right now, our society has been forced to slow down. There's no more bustle of running errands all day from this store to that. No more racing from work to pick up the kids from school to get them to practice. Gone are the days rushing home from traffic to fix dinner before it gets too late... We're already home. Most stores are closed. The kids have school in the living room. Practice is cancelled. The car stays parked. And those few times we do go out, it's calculated and with great caution. We are moving more purposefully.

In the midst of these outward changes, God's Kingdom yet needs the work of our hands. There are still souls that need to be saved. Your life's purpose still has to be fulfilled.

It was easy in the past to get so busy with life that God's will got pushed off to the side. It was easy to say we would do His will later, 'when we had the time'.

Well, now we have the time.

Yet how many of us have found the same absence of free time? There's new shows to binge watch, recipes to try, games to download, Zoom meet ups to attend... and time seems to be just as fleeting as before.

The Bible says that the enemy goes around looking for those he can devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Many of us are strong in our Christian faith, and the devil would be hard pressed to get us out of what we believe. But our time: what we pay attention to, where we spend our energy... the devil has a wide open door to devour our time.

It all seems so innocent and justifiable. We should relax and rest our brains from the busyness of before. Why not gain a new hobby and try our hand at baking? Isn't it great family time to get together and record a new Tik Tok? The meet ups are helping us come together socially and not go stir crazy.

I'm not saying doing these things are wrong. But there should be a balance.

How much of your time is spent with God? How much time do you spend binge reading His word? When was the last time you heard His voice? What progress have you made on the instructions He has for your life's purpose? Who have you prayed with and ministered to lately?

In fact, you can utilize this unique situation to reclaim some of the time that you've wasted in the past!

There's no more excuses about not having enough time. Don't let your Kingdom opportunities slip through your fingers like before.

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