The Power of Stillness

When is the last time you were quiet, alone with God? No tv, no phone, no apps, no music, no conversation, no activity, no thoughts running through your mind... just you, silent and still, fully centered in on connecting with your Heavenly Father. There is a power in this kind of stillness. There is a deeper level of revelation and refreshment that can come just from being still and opening your heart.

Which is exactly why this kind of stillness is so elusive. Our world is so full of distraction, clutter, and activity to keep us from getting a set focus. Lots of noise to keep our ears shielded from hearing a Word from heaven. Constant messages to keep our eyes from looking to heaven. Internal busyness to keep our spirits from connecting to heaven.

But, our loving Father is always there. He is always waiting to spend time with us, to speak to us, to pour into us. We just have to take the initiative to tap into the stillness. We have to prioritize our time with him and disconnect from the things of the world in order to connect with the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to press into his presence even when our thoughts want to run rampant just when we sit down.

Jesus Himself took time away from the crowds to be refreshed and connect on a deeper level with the Father during His time of ministry. Don't miss out on the power that stillness can bring to your life. Commit some time to be quiet and still before the Lord today.

Sometimes you have to disconnect to truly connect.

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