I Can't Rely On Myself

So, I'm still slapping myself back into action over here. In my quest for success, I've been reading and meditating on some words of wisdom. I've been spending lots of time in prayer. It's been a really nice time of reflection and inspiration.

One thing that struck me recently a big area where I am not taking care of myself well. I'm actually being downright rude to myself if I'm honest.

Some context: I am a self-confessed (reforming) people pleaser. I aim always to be a person who keeps their word, who follows through on promises, a person who cannot be found lacking in my relationships whether they are personal or professional. I take pride in being a dependable, reliable, responsible human being for others.

However, with all of these noble attributes that I show to others, I'm pretty terrible to myself in the exact same categories. To myself, I do not always keep my word and I don't follow through on many promises I say to myself. From things as intricate as life goals to something as simple as going jogging in the morning, I haven't been that dependable or reliable to myself. I'm rather flaky really.

But, I love me too much to keep this up. How dare I treat others with more respect than I do myself!

So, it is up to me to be better to me. Either I don't make the promise or set the goal, or I follow through like I would for anyone else. Yes, it may take more effort, energy, and time, but I am so worth it!

How about you? Are you one who keeps your own personal promises to yourself? Are you as good to you as you are to others where dependability is concerned?

Don't keep switching up on yourself. You're too awesome to keep letting you down!

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