So for the last few weeks... Okay, okay, months... I have been feeling stuck where my writing is concerned. I've had no inspiration, no fresh ideas, no real motivation to write anything down. Nothing. Not. one. word.

I've thought about writing plenty of times... I've scheduled writing sessions - they always were for 'tomorrow' and always got cancelled... People would ask what I was working on, and I had nothing to say...

It hasn't been fun.

You know what made this whole situation even worse? I knew what I was supposed to do. I knew I was supposed to just sit down and push through. Write something down. Anything down. Push though the fog, so I could continue to stay on track. I knew all the motivational verses, all the uplifting words of wisdom... Shoot, I could just scroll through my own blog and find all the inspiration I needed.

But I was still stuck. Still uninspired. Still stagnant.

Ever been there?

Still there?

I may very well be still there. But, I have to get moving.

The other day I was praying and God told my to write. He reminded me of the gift He gave me. The gift I had been neglecting. The gift that was going to waste.

Today I made a decision to be obedient. I'm only wasting the time, talent, and purpose God has blessed me with by keeping still. So, I replayed all of those great verses, uplifting words of wisdom, and may scan a few of my own blog posts after I finish writing this. I'm going to live out my purpose even if it means writing this blog post just to get out of this funk and get things moving again. If God is reminding me to write, it must mean that He has something to say through me, right?

What area have you been stuck in? Don't be like me and have to have God Himself nudge you back into action. Most of you already know what to do, you just haven't been doing it. Don't let your time, talent, and purpose be wasted. Do what you need to do, get up, and keep moving in your purpose!

#motivation #purpose #destiny

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