Stay Persistent in Your Pursuit of Purpose

It can be difficult at times to keep up the momentum on the road to purpose. Pursuing our goals can sometimes seem hard especially when we don't see results right away. It can be challenging to keep working when it seems like our results are no where to be seen.

The Bible tells us to not get tired of doing what is right (Galatians 6:9). Jesus Himself told us to keep asking, to keep seeking, and to keep knocking and God would answer our prayers (Luke 11:9). That means we have to keep praying, keep researching, keep grinding, and keep pushing forward in faith even when it seems that every way before us is closed.

God did not give you your dream, your vision, your heart's desires for you not to experience them. He wants you to succeed more than you do! He created you to live out what is inside of you!

Don't allow time, apparent roadblocks, negative opinions, or even lack of results to keep you from pursuing your purpose. Stand on God's Word in faith trusting that He is going to back up everything that He has promised to you. He will bring you to your expected place of purpose (Jeremiah 29:11).

Nothing great comes easily. Something as precious as your dream will take time, hard work, and persistence to come to pass. Every piece of your journey will make your success that much sweeter. Every circumstance is only adding to your testimony.

Keep on pursuing your purpose!

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