It's Time To Celebrate!

Right now, we are smack dab in the sweet spot of switching our brains from focusing on what we wanted to accomplish this year and making plans for next year. But, I’d like to you to take a moment and look back at your year – and celebrate.

Sure, you may not have accomplished all the resolutions you had last January. You may still have a couple items on your to-do list waiting to be checked off. You may have written out a plan and not gotten on solitary thing done.

You still have a reason to celebrate.

You made it through another year. You survived up to this point.

It may not have been as pretty as you may have wanted. This year might have been especially stressful, burdensome, and difficult.

But you made it!

Take a look back over the past twelve months and see how far you’ve come. It may take some thought to find the bright spots. Some thought may be needed to remember the victories.

Once you find them: celebrate! Celebrate the strength that kept you. Celebrate God’s grace that’s covered you. Celebrate His sustaining power in your life.

Even if you feel like this whole year has been a complete waste, you have something to rejoice about: You’re still here. That means God something great for you to accomplish.

So, Celebrate!

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