Keep Walking Towards Your Miracle


It is an exhilarating thing to step out in faith in obedience to the purpose that God has ordained for you. Taking those first few moves into His will help us confirm and embrace who we were created to be. Seeing how God supports and sustains us helps us to realize that God is really real and His word to us was true.

Yet continuing on our purpose-driven journey can at times become tedious, in moments treacherous, and in seasons apparently unfruitful. It is in these times that we “remember” the security of our now abandoned comfort zones. We think back to the familiarity of our previous place and wonder if we made a mistake.

We become like the Israelites: dreaming of the bounty of food that we ate forgetting that we ate the bounty in slavery to men that were killing our children. We become like Sarah: so desperate for an outcome we ‘make’ our own answer instead of allowing God’s timing to run its course. We become like Peter: focusing in on the whistling of the waves and taking our eyes off of Jesus.

In each of these instances, people were walking in their miracle place. The Israelites were on the way to the Promised Land after being miraculously released from Egypt’s slavery. Sarah was about to become the mother to a son even though she was past the child rearing age. Peter was literally walking on water.

Yet all of them forgot where they were when they shifted their focus from off of God’s Word.

Don’t allow the happenings around you cause you to forget that you are walking in your miracle place. Every step you take toward your purpose is a step toward your miracle, your promise, your destiny in God.

Yes, you may be hungry right now. Stay in the Lord’s will and watch the manna fall from heaven.

Yes, time may be passing with no visible results. Stay in the Lord’s will and He will bring you joy beyond what you can imagine.

Yes, the storm may be crashing all around you. Stay locked in on Jesus, and He will allow you to stand firm in the midst of the chaos.

The key is to keep walking forward. Don’t step back into your comfort zone. Don’t run back to that ‘safe’ place that’s behind you. Move forward into your purpose and destiny in God. Move forward into your miracle place.


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