Choose Wisely!


Yesterday morning, I opened my front door to the sight of snow – snow! It was coming down like it was December, not late March. I was tempted to complain as I brushed off my car. I was on the verge of saying something negative as I drove to work knowing that I would have to shovel after I got off in the evening.

But I am working on being more positive this year. I’m trying to watch what I say and how I react to things. Too often, I’ve found myself in a foul mood, complaining, or wallowing in negativity all because of something going on externally that – in the grand scheme of things – really means nothing. There are far more important things to be upset about than the weather. So, I’m keeping my mouth closed.

All of us can work on how we respond to the world around us. Every day can be filled with joy and peace simply because we choose to be joyful and have peace! We can choose to put a smile on our face and a kind word on our lips. We can choose to face challenging situations with the eyes of a champion instead of with defeat. We can choose to believe what God has to say about us rather than what the whole world may be shouting in our ears.

We have the gift of choice.

Yesterday, I chose to shovel snow with a smile thanking God that I had the physical strength to do so. I gave thanks for being able to feel the chill on my cheeks and know that my senses were working properly. I praised Him for a warm home to go into when I was finished with my task.

You may have opened your door this morning to a new challenge waiting on your front stoop. What are you choosing to do in response?

Choose wisely.

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