What's Coming Out of Your Mouth?

I’ll never get that promotion… Why can’t I ever seem to catch a break… No one will like my idea… I’m not smart like she is…

Whether it was casually, seriously, or in jest, we all have spoken negative things about ourselves. We all have expressed our disappointment, vented about a problem, or fed into the lies of the devil with our mouths.

We need to recognize the power of our words.

Proverbs 18:21 tells us that our tongues hold the power of death and life. Yet, far too often, we indulge in the power of death rather than speaking life.

In Luke 1 we are told about Zacharias and Elizabeth who had prayed for children, but had none. When the angel of the Lord visited Zacharias and told him that he would indeed father a son even though he was old, the angel had to seal up Zacharias’ mouth until the baby was born.

Why? Because the first words Zacharias spoke after hearing of him fathering a son was doubt and unbelief. The angel had to stop Zacharias’ words from interfering with the will of God. So, Zacharias didn’t speak God’s purpose was fulfilled, and the child was born.

How many of our words are interfering with the purpose and plan that the Lord has for our lives? How many of the blessings that God has for us have been put on hold or blocked because of the power of death that we’ve been speaking against them?

As you walk in your divine purpose and destiny today, make sure you are speaking life to every situation. Use the power of your tongue to change things for the better!

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