Trusting Your Instincts When Receiving 'Good' Advice

When David stepped up to face Goliath, Israel's king, Saul, tried to help David out. David was given Saul's own armor to wear to face down the giant.


Yet, when David put on Saul's armor, he recognized that he could not go to battle in Saul's things. David wasn't used to them. David remembered his previous victories, and for those, all he needed was his slingshot and his shepherd's staff.

David chose to leave behind Saul's armor, and go with what he knew. He went to face Goliath with his faith in God, and the tools he was trained to handle.

As you face battles in your quest for your destiny, well wishers may come to you with their own 'armor' trying to help you to win. These people will try to put on you their idea of what they think you need. And you may be tempted to take their advice out of your respect for who they are and their experience.

However, it is important to know your strengths as well. It is important to remember your history and what works for you. Just because advice is 'good' doesn't mean it's good for you or even good for you right now. People may mean well as they try to help you on your journey. But you have to determine whether something will be helpful or hurtful as you move forward.

If David had gone with Saul's armor at that moment, he would have been uncomfortable and unsure. David was walking into a do or die situation facing Goliath. He didn't have time to train with Saul's equipment. David chose to go with what he knew. He knew that sling, and he knew His God.

In time, David did receive training with his own swords and armor, and he went on to lead the Israelites to coundless victories against their enemies. So Saul's advice wasn't altogether wrong, it just wasn't right for David at that time.

As you go towards your destiny, use wisdom when others approach you with their help. Remember to listen to your own instincts. Trust your God-given discernment. And always go with God!

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