The Courage to Walk in Your Purpose

Growing up I was extremely shy. I liked to fade into the background and just observe. Being out in the front made me nervous and anxious. I didn't like all the attention.


However, as I grew up - both physically and spiritually - I found myself being drawn to the middle of discussions and debates when it came to dissecting the Word of God. Whenever a theology was being talked about, not only did my ears perk up, but my mouth found a way of opening up as well!

I was slowly coming into my purpose, and I didn't even know it.

As I grew up, I got more teaching and training, and I began to teach and preach. I noticed that despite my discomfort with being the center of attention and talking to strangers, I loved to share what I had found in Scripture. I loved to help other people see what God had for them, and I loved to teach new insights.

If I had to hold a mike and stand in front of a bunch of people to do it... So be it! Yes, my hands shook a bit, my voice may have quivered, and my stomach may have been doing backflips. BUT, my spirit was soaring! And as I kept at it, I got better. As I kept sharing, people kept getting blessed.

Often to get to our place of purpose we have to face things that intimidate us, scare us, and challenge us. Our job if to face those things and overcome them. Nothing should intimidate, scare, or challenge you more than not achieving your purpose.

What I love about having a purpose is that it's ours. God ordained it just for us. He created us just for it. Nothing can keep us from achieving it. Scratch that, the only thing that can keep us from achieving it is ourselves.

Stop letting things keep you from your purpose! It's yours! Go get it.


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